Manta Yachts


Dutch engineering and design with Italian flair and craftmanship.


Ocean-going capability with Superyacht luxury.


From the drawing board of legendary Dutch Naval architecture & engineering firm Marimecs B.V.  the Manta Yachts series of full-displacement semi-custom long range yachts are built in steel and aluminium.


Built on Italy's North Coast to Lloyds Classification, Manta Yachts have been developed by an experienced multi-national team following intensive market research and is intended to provide a well-priced and superbly engineered long range yacht series that will please owners and Captains alike.

The focus of the Manta Yachts Series is on transatlantic range and excellent sea-keeping qualities, stability, quiet operation, low fuel consumption, and reliable systems.


Manta 55 Horizon BlueManata 55 GrayManta 55 Snow Silver



Key Features of the Manta Series :


•            Full displacement semi-custom yacht series


•            Steel hull with Aluminium superstructure.


•            Engineered and designed by Marimecs B.V.


•            Built in Italy.


•            Built to Lloyds classification.


•            Trans-Atlantic range.


•            Very high volume / length ratio.


•            Manta 30: 300 GT


•            Manta 35: 350 GT


•            Manta 45: 499 GT


•            Manta 55: 1100 GT


•            Manta 65: 1630 GT