CUSTOM Far Harbor 39 Specifications
Name: InBox
Year Built: 2006
Length: 11.88m / feet
Beam: 2.28 / 7.48 feet

CUSTOM Far Harbor 39

USD 159,000


People who dream of cruising their own boat in exotic and remote destinations now have a realistic and affordable way to make that dream come true.

The Far Harbour 39 (FH 39) is the first capable cruising yacht that can be container-shipped.  The couples cruising yacht crosses oceans in the safety of a shipping container – quickly, easily and without the rigors and time considerations of making an offshore passage.

A standard shipping container is your magic carpet.  Containers travel by ship, truck, and rail at minimum cost, convenience, security, and flexibility.  Start from your home boat yard, load your boat in its container, pick your destination without restriction, then fly out to meet your boat and start your cruise.

Container dimension constraints were optimized by Bob Perry in a superb design with outstanding performance.  To maximize interior volume, Bob specified a 38 ft. waterline and hard chines.  Those features plus the narrow beam resulted in an exceptionally fast, efficient seaworthy boat.

Surfing speeds exceed 11 knots.  Power reaching typically shows 9+ knots and the FH 39 powers at over 8 knots.

Cruising fuel consumption is .6 gal/hour.

Over nine thousand nautical miles in the first three years after launching, mostly offshore, have proven that the FH 39 can take it and take it well.

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