DAMEN YACHTING Specifications
Name: Yacht Support 7512
Type: Motor Yacht
Year Built: 2024
Length: 75m / feet
Beam: 12.6 / 41.34 feet
Sleeps: 4
Location: Netherlands

DAMEN YACHTING Yacht Support 7512 for Sale

Price on Request

Put the YS 7512 to work for your favourite ocean yachting activities, deep-sea exploration or marine conservation. The YS 7512 has an ocean preservation lab and sample store, plus accommodation for 4 guest scientists. Additional offices with 4 workstations keep everything organized, with extra staff for security, executive staff, guides, pilots and others.

Carry two large submersibles to share the underwater experience with 12 guests at once, diving up to 1,140 metres deep. The scuba dive store has mixing facilities, decompression chamber and changing areas. You also have a dedicated dive support tender to shadow the subs on the surface, plus all the big luxury tenders, helicopters and toy stores.

Don’t stop at helicopters and hangars. With this custom YS 7512 configuration you can carry a seaplane with a stern lift system for straightforward launch and retrieval. For example a Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibian with an 800 nautical mile range will give you unprecedented access to your support yacht and motheryacht. Plus you also have lots of big tenders and a helicopter on board to make the most of every destination.

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