GAR WOOD Triple Cockpit Runabout Specifications
Name: Kiss Me Kate
Type: Runabout
Year Built: 1930
Length: 8.53m / feet
Beam: 1.98 / 6.50 feet
Location: United States, Clayton

GAR WOOD Triple Cockpit Runabout

USD 150,000

Purchased from the original owner in Louisville, KY in 1998. Engine and boat was completely refastened and restored from 1998 through to 2001. New varnish applied in 2012. Bottom is excellent and water tight. Restoration by the best, engine done by George Shinn, balanced and blue printed. All original hardware, instrumentation, engine, seat springs, seat frames, bow and stern poles, running lights and lenses. Marine seat leather dyed to original color specification of the boat. All wood framing has matching serial numbers. Engine has added steering wheel choke. Boat is in overall excellent condition and was in the water in summer of 2015.

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