GULFSTAR Custom Hood 40 Specifications
Name: Weetamo
Year Built: 1977
Length: 12.19m / feet
Beam: 3.45 / 11.32 feet

GULFSTAR Custom Hood 40

USD 119,000


"Weetamo" is a Custom Hood 40. She was designed by Ted Hood. There were 19 of these winning racer/cruisers built between 1976-1978. These yachts were built to a high level of quality by the Custom Yacht division of Gulfstar for offshore and shoal draft considerations.

She is a keel/centerboard with a spade rudder. Her unique underbody configuration is shaped after a whales dorsal. This underbody is a take off from Ted Hood's famous "Robin". The centerboard up draft is only 3' 11" perfect for the Bahamas and ICW, yet is stable and stiff for bluewater sailing. 

The upgrades over the years have been constant and well thought out. She is rigged to be easily single-handed with a custom lengthened Leisure Furl in boom mainsail and can be sailed as either a sloop or a cutter.

Professional boatyard upgrades by Burr Brothers Boatyard in 2019-20 alone exceeded $35,000. The owner is a knowledgeable yachtsman and marine industry professional. The combination of the owner's professional talent and top shelf boatyards has made "Weetamo" a world class yacht. The owner has left no stone unturned to make ready for the upcoming season.

"Weetamo" is well suited for Bluewater sailing and ready to go anywhere.

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