PEARSON 303 Sloop Specifications
Name: Imagine
Year Built: 1985
Length: 9.14m / feet
Beam: 3.27 / 10.73 feet

PEARSON 303 Sloop

USD 19,500



 Imagine is a very well maintained cruiser that has served its owners well. Upgraded opening ports and solar charger are nice features. The 303 was produced by Pearson Yachts between 1983 and 1986 and over 300 boats were built. With an eye-pleasing sheer and unpretentious good looks, the 303 is an economical and versatile family cruiser. The hull is a one piece hand laid layup, with a balsa cored deck on the horizontal surfaces and plywood coring in the high load areas. With its broad beam, the 303 is quite stiff and likes to be sailed on her feet. She has a sea-kindly motion offering a dry ride combined with a comfortable “big boat” feel.

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