PEARSON 35 Centerboard Sloop Specifications
Name: Meno Mosso
Year Built: 1981
Length: 10.66m / feet
Beam: 3.04 / 9.97 feet

PEARSON 35 Centerboard Sloop

USD 19,900


The Pearson 35 is a classic Bill Shaw design with attractive lines and a long shoal keel with attached protected rudder. The keel/centerboard hull design with a draft of only 3'9" with board up provides for go anywhere capability, while the 7'6" board-down draft allows the boat to go upwind properly where other fixed-keel shoal draft boats cannot. The long cockpit makes for comfortable seating as well as lounging or sleeping areas. The wheel is forward so the helm is protected by the dodger and allows the helmsman to easily reach the sheets. This also means better communication with anyone below.

We were a Pearson dealer from 1972 up until the time they closed their doors. Bill was a good designer and his crew built good, honest boats. Being a sailor himself who was college-trained as a Naval Architect and engineer he had an excellent grasp of what a boat needed to be practical in use. We were always proud to be Pearson dealers and their boats have proven to be long lasting and popular designs.

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