PIRELLI PZero 1400 Carbon Edition Specifications
Name: Pirelli PZero 1400 Carbon
Year Built: 2020
Length: 14.02m / feet
Beam: 3.91 / 12.83 feet

PIRELLI PZero 1400 Carbon Edition

Price on Request

Ergonomics: Harmonizes forms in every detail, combined technology & functionality 

Style: A boat without compromises, from materials research to the study of lines, with the point of arrval being a consistent design route 

Design: Utilization of spaces, the combination of rationality and technologies, excellence in detail 

The Pirelli PZero Carbon is a sophisticated and versatile boat intended for those looking for an exciting boat providing the highest performance levels, but without compromising on comfort. 

Tubes in Hypalon Neoprene and a hull in GFRP combine with the uniqueness of the innovative solutions range. Top of the range in every aspect. Technology and design contribute to making all the spaces as liveable as possible. Each design has been created for a yachting experience at teh highest level. 

There is nothing else like the Pirelli PZero 1400 Carbon on the oceans today. Capable of top speeds of 75 knots (with optional racing engine package - not standard and only available upon special request) this 14 meter mega RIB combines luxury, style, and comfort at a breathtaking rate of performance. Nothing touches her. Nothing comes close.

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