ROBERT YANDT Specifications
Name: Greyhound
Year Built: 1921
Length: 10.05m / feet
Beam: 2.03 / 6.66 feet


USD 185,000

This boat was built to a John L Hacker design and powered by 1041 CID 6cyl Sterling dolphin engine of 225hp. Lightly built of cypress, oak & mahogany she was capable of speeds close to 40mph and in the early 1920's was one of the fastest boats on Lk. Coeur d'Alene. She was the champion on the lake 1921-22. She not only raced, but was also used by the Dillinghams as a family runabout for many years.


The modern power makes this boat very usable and it is a very smooth & solid ride.

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