ROBINHOOD 36 Specifications
Name: Last Tango
Year Built: 1998
Length: 10.97m / feet
Beam: 3.22 / 10.56 feet


USD 155,000


When Cape Dory ceased operations in 1991 the hull molds were scattered and the 36 mold settled at Spartan Marine in Robinhood Maine where the 36 is still being built on a semi custom basis.  The materials and processes used now are even better than in years past producing a very desired yachtsmans yacht.

The Robinhood 36 looks at ease in the water. The 36 has a subtle sheerline, and the low freeboard accentuates a low-slung profile. Alberg was a master of creating boats of moderate proportions that gave the impression of being heavier and more conservative than they really were.

The full keel is cutaway forward with an attached rudder and the prop is enclosed in an aperture. Most CD 36s were rigged as cutters with a club boom, a few came from the factory as sloops.

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