SHANNON SRD Specifications
Name: Courage
Year Built: 2005
Length: 12.19m / feet
Beam: 3.96 / 12.99 feet


USD 165,000


COURAGE is an innovative, well executed yacht built to Shannon’s superior standards.  An American yacht builder with an international reputation for high quality power and sail vessels, the Shannon SRD (Schultz Reverse Deadrise) hull design is a breakthrough hull form that was awarded a US patent.  The handling characteristics and the comfort of her ride will surprise both Downeast and deep-v enthusiasts.  Courage cruises comfortably around her 8 knot hull speed or at higher speeds as she planes at approximately 10-12 knots.

Richard Thiel of ‘Power & Motoryacht’, provided this positive review of the Shannon SRD in 2005;     “During the Newport Boat Show, I ran the Shannon 38 through some large waves and found her ride quality amazingly smooth—not a hint of pounding on any course.”

Bill Parlatore provided the following review in ‘Passagemaker’;         "I went aboard the Shannon 38 SRD at the Newport show, while Hurricane Ivan ravaged the waterfront city.  We were seriously afraid of losing the PMM tent on the docks…  

Driving the boat at 18 knots in choppy seas with storm-strength winds churning the waves into a frothy maelstrom, I could not believe the way this boat handled the seas on all points. Slowing to 10 knots, I made runs with following, beam and head seas of nasty proportions, and the motion remained stable and comfortable with no pounding whatsoever, as if the boat wanted me to know it was up to the challenge. Pushing the throttles back up to 18 knots changed nothing except forward progress, and we ran circles around the bay with almost no wake, while an ocean tug headed out to sea, salt water spraying over the top of the 90-foot workboat.”

This is a great opportunity for a discerning buyer who appreciates a quality vessel.  With her 2 foot draft Courage would be equally at home exploring the shallow waters of the Bahamas, Chesapeake Bay or on an extended cruise such as the Great Loop.

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