Yacht Construction

The Brief

Building a yacht is a long-term project and a major investment

Our team of experts will help you articulate your vision and put together a comprehensive and thorough brief to create your yacht.

Our team’s insights regarding the vessel’s technical and operational requirements, as well as its market potential, will help you better identify what it is you are looking for and what features to include, depending on the intended use of the yacht.

Putting Together the Team

The right naval architect, the right exterior designer, the right interior designer, the right shipyard and the right project managers are essential to the execution of your vision.

The right team will make your wishes come true and add enormously to the quality of the final product, your enjoyment of the entire process and the eventual pedigree and value of the finished vessel.

We will run a bid/tender process with all parties involved, often with the shipyard, designer and naval architect together to ensure that parties compete for your valuable business.


As soon as the shipyard has been selected, we will assist you throughout the negotiations and contract phase. As this phase is the most critical step for a successful project, the new build team will provide feedback on the specifications, the general arrangement and the contract.

Key contractual elements, such as budget allowances, noise and vibration levels, delays, penalties and more, will be diligently negotiated with the shipyard.

Project Management

Your Yacht & Villa Project Management Team will be available around the clock throughout the construction of your new build project, acting as a liaison with the shipyard, designers, naval architects and all other parties involved.

Our goal is to ensure the process is efficient, cost-effective and according to your preferences, ensuring no surprises. We will closely monitor the project, making sure timelines are met and help resolve any challenges that may arise.

Sea Trials & Delivery

Before the yacht is delivered, our team of experts will attend the yacht’s sea trials, a critical step before the completion of the new build project.

During the sea trials, our team’s meticulous attention to detail will find any technical issues that need to be addressed or fine tunings that need to be made before delivering your yacht in the best working condition.

Ongoing Support

Once construction is complete it is time to enjoy your yacht. But, even after the yacht is delivered, your project manager will be available to coordinate the necessary guarantee works always securing the yacht owner’s best interests.

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