Yacht Charter Sardinia

Second only in size to Sicily, Sardinia has 1,849 km of coastline. Belonging to Italy and lying 187 kilometres from the shores of Tuscany, it is flanked to the north by its neighbouring French neighbour, Corsica. Sardinia is a jewel in the Western Mediterranean. With its mix of natural beauty, culture, history and glamour it is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for those that choose to charter a yacht.

Along its stunning coastline, hugged by clear, azure blue waters and teeming with fish, are golden sandy beaches, rugged coastal cliffs and chic ports with restaurants, designer shops and exclusive clubs.

Those on a yacht charter in Sardinia are in for a completely unique experience as it combines excitement with the exotic. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, concentrated from April to September and winds that sweep down from Africa, the Sardinian climate is particularly pleasant, and not quite as humid as other Mediterranean yacht charter destinations.

Those considering taking a yacht hire in Sardinia should be made aware that the Sardinian ports and towns compare very well with those found on the French and Italian Rivieras. Gourmet restaurants, designer boutiques and exclusive bars can be found down beautiful cobbled streets and encircling the harbours.

By discussing at length what it is you wish to see during your yacht hire in Sardinia with one of Yacht & Villa’s knowledgeable charter brokers, an individual itinerary will be created exclusively for you.