Yacht Charter Sicily

Sicily is the largest and  most culturally diverse islands in the Mediterranean having, at different periods, been conquered and ruled by Scandinavians, Africans, Greeks, Romans and Europeans. Each has made their own, unique mark on the island, be it in its architecture, cuisine or traditions.

Sicily is dominated by Mount Etna on its eastern coast, Europe’s largest active volcano. It is this volcanic foundation that makes Sicily’s coastline so beautiful. Amazing rock formations and stunning beaches, as well as impressive cliff-hugging villages offer plenty of reasons for those on a yacht charter in Sicily to keep their cameras to hand.

Sicily's location means that it enjoys warm winters and hot, dry summers. Palarmo, the largest and busiest port that those on a yacht charter in Sicily are going to encounter, lies on the western coast of the island. From here many choose to turn their boats for hire towards the Aeolian Islands, an archipelago ideally explored on your own private yacht charter. Many then choose to return to the Sicilian mainland at the ancient city of Taormina.

By discussing at length what it is you wish to see during your yacht charter in Sicily with one of Yacht & Villa’s knowledgeable charter brokers, an individual itinerary can be created exclusively for you.