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Yacht & Villa is a boutique, next-generation,  yacht brokerage firm.

We operate within a lean, dynamic and agile business model where ideas are shared. Innovation and new technology is encouraged.

To sell your yacht, you need a trusted yacht broker and partner with extensive market knowledge to manage the sale of such a valuable and complex asset.

Our goal is to offer Superyacht owners a Central Agency Sales service which is second to none.

Yacht & Villa yacht sales brokers have many years of industry experience and include seasoned ex-Superyacht Captains and Engineers of both motor and sailing yachts. They are well known throughout the industry for their honesty, integrity and knowledge.


Quality not Quantity

Your yacht will not be lost amongst the others in a huge list of yachts.

At Yacht & Villa we limit the amount of central Agency Yachts that we represent and carefully select the yachts that we wish to dedicate our time to. It will receive the attention and service that it rightly deserves. We prefer to give exceptional service to a small number of clients and to represent yachts that we can devote our full attention to ensure a successful sale. Our goal is to sell yachts not just list them.

Reactivity and Availability

Our brokers are available for both buyers and sellers 24 hours a day 7 days a week and throughout all public and religious holidays.

We act fast and reply quickly.If you send an enquiry it will be answered in minutes. Not days.

We believe that it is better to be fast than big and that Superyacht brokers should be reactive and available to their clients at all times.


Our emphasis as brokers is on team-work, partnership and the sharing of information and knowledge.

The structure of most, large brokerage corporations is that their brokers all work alone as independent contractors under a corporate umbrella. Instead we prefer to combine our knowledge and effort and work in unison to ensure that information is shared and that our clients receive the highest level of service.

Integrated approach

Perhaps your yacht has been for sale for some time with another brokerage company with no result?

If the price is right, the marketing is right, and if there is no "conflict of interest" your yacht should sell.

Our international yacht sales team are renowned for an integrated approach which includes dealing where applicable with your Captain, Family office, Yacht Manager or Owners Representative in order that all involved work together with the same goal and that all parties are focused on co-operating to ensuring a timely sale.


We consider correctly filtering and identifying visitors to yachts that we represent for sale to be extremely important. Not only so that we spend time dealing with the right people but also for the security of your yacht and her crew.

Proper planning by brokers is critical to presenting the yacht in the best way possible and we strive to make sure this is the way every inspection goes. Last minute inspections are generally not supported unless we know the broker and client to be very knowledgeable and qualified. We like to see the yacht presented in her best possible light.


Each and every month our clients receive a full report detailing every enquiry, client visit, broker visit, inspection and viewing with detailed feedback.

As with any major business transaction our aim is to ensure that you have the most accurate data possible to ensure that you make informed decisions.

Bespoke Approach

Every yacht is unique and will appeal to a different type of clientele. The “one size fits all” approach often favoured by large corporate yacht brokerage companies does not always work and may see your unique Superyacht laying on the market for many months or years.

Different boat types need different approaches. The clientele for a steel hulled displacement motor yacht for example is quite different to that of a maxi open composite planning hulled sports yacht.

We will  identify the unique selling points of your yacht and will then put together a personalised marketing campaign to ensure timely results.

Often our first job is to identify why an owners yacht has not sold and to re-organise the process

Market Intelligence

Our luxury yacht brokers travel extensively, walking the docks, talking with the owners and captains of luxury yachts, and touring shipyards around the World. As a result they have access to excellent market intelligence and can inform you of the best yacht brokerage deals and superyachts for sale giving you the advantage of inside knowledge.

Marketing Technology

Traditional skills are also combined with the latest digital technologies to ensure that our superyacht brokers are constantly informed of the latest market tendency.

By regularly monitoring asking and selling prices, new additions to the market, price reductions and other fluctuations we can advise you on the latest market fluctuations to ensure that your yacht is priced and marketed effectively.


We value the security of our clients above all else.  Yacht & Villa protect our clients confidentiality and the sensitive content of all transactions


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