Yacht Charter Corsica

Since the French claimed the island from the Republic of Genoa in 1768 it has been known as the ‘l'Ile de Beauté’, and with very good reason. Corsica has just over 1,000km of coastline, along which can be seen rugged cliffs, white sandy beaches and romantic ports. For those that arrive from the French Riviera the fortress town of Calvi is their first port of call.

Follow the coastline East and those on a yacht charter in Corsica will discover expansive beaches with safe, lifeguarded swimming in the warmer months. To avoid the crowds, head to the beach at Lumio overlooking the Bay of Algaio, you’ll also be rewarded with a great view across to the citadel of Calvi. Guests enjoying a Yacht & Villa yacht hire in Corsica who wish to sail right off the beaten track should sail to Plage du Lotu.

Accessible only by boat from the thriving town of St-Florent it has acquired the reputation of being the St-Tropez of Corsica due to the opulent yachts that anchor there in the summer. Porto Vecchio on the east coast has become a somewhat fashionable retreat due to the beautiful beaches that sweep from there to the south. Visitors should look out for Palombaggio, bordered by pines and pink granite rocks it offers a fantastic days entertainment from your yacht hire in Corsica.

Likewise Santa Giulia, with its beautiful horseshoe shape beach and turquoise waters, it offers plenty of activity and refreshment to those that stop by.

By discussing at length what it is you wish to see during your yacht charter in Corsica with one of Yacht & Villa’s knowledgeable charter brokers, an individual itinerary will be created exclusively for you.