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New build and brokerage Explorer Yachts and Expedition Yachts for sale.

Long range, low fuel consumption, huge fuel tanks, full displacement hulls, able to take on the roughest sea conditions and able to operate autonomously for months at sea with high internal volume for storage and the ability to carry extensive adventure equipment, tenders and toys.

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For more than 20 years, from our base on the Mediterranean coast of France, our team has imported, project-managed, purchased and sold explorer yachts throughout the world.

Our brokers are experts in the explorer yacht market and can guide you to the very best shipyards, the best surveyors, the best naval architects, the best exterior designers, and advise you how to build or buy the very best explorer yacht at the best price and conditions.

For a personalised selection of luxury explorer yachts for sale, either pre-owned or new construction, both publicly for sale and off-market please feel free to contact our Yacht Brokers in the strictest confidence and they will help guide you through the many explorer yachts for sale to choose from and towards your perfect explorer yacht.

We also represent a selection of Yachts for sale and Sailing Yachts for sale.

What is an explorer Yacht ?

With so many builders and yacht brokers marketing "Explorer Yachts" for sale it is worth considering what an Explorer Yacht (or Expedition Yacht) actually is when the yacht sales market and when talking with your yacht broker.

Explorer yachts (the term “expedition yacht” basically means the same thing and is interchangeable) were initially developed as vessels that were purpose built, or converted, with the intention of being capable of long-distance cruising to remote areas of the world. 

However these days, one is just likely to see an explorer yacht moored off St Tropez or Portofino as opposed to cruising the Norwegian Fjords !

Modern explorer yachts are capable of crossing oceans, but may also be uxurious, stylish and comfortable.

Interest in such vessels has been a major trend in yachting over the last decade and the market has evolved considerably with a new generation of explorer yachts intended to cruise the world’s oceans whilst being every bit as comfortable as the most refined luxury yachts.

Indeed, it could be said that the “explorer yacht”, far from being a separate specialised category of yacht is in fact the ideal luxury cruising yacht.

Characteristics of an Explorer Yacht :

Long Range

In general, an explorer yacht is a motor yacht designed and built for a range of at least 5,000 nautical miles. This requires the use of large fuel tanks.

Low Fuel Consumption

Full displacement and semi displacement hull forms ( as opposed to deep ”V” shaped planning hulls) allow for smaller and more fuel efficient engines that can run for long periods of time at slower cruising speeds and low revolutions per minute.

High Volume

To be operational for long periods many miles from home (no use trying to cross the Atlantic with an empty freezer) or to operate in far off charter destinations requires considerable storage capacity and this generally results in a corresponding high volume (or “Gross Tonnage”) compared to the overall length of the yacht. Large deck spaces and internal storage also the ability to carry larger tenders and toys in comparison to yachts in the same size range.


Explorer yachts must be capable of carrying adequate stocks of provisions, be fitted with water makers capable of generating many litres of fresh water per day, provide appropriate waste management systems, hold supplies of spare parts as well as tools.


An explorer yacht must be capable of handling extreme sea conditions of wind and waves. At the more extreme end, yachts may also be "Ice Classed" to ensure safe navigation in Polar regions. The ability to handle rough sea conditions generally requires a sturdy displacement hull form, a hull built from high grade steel with increased thickness and reinforcement below the waterline, and a superstructure from aluminium (for strength and to keep the centre of gravity low).

Design considerations may include bigger freeing ports on the fore-deck (to allow water to escape quickly), reverse sheer windows (allowing greater visibility, stronger, less vulnerable glass) a “Portuguese Bridge” (to protect the pilot house and also crew access to the forward areas of the yacht), wide side decks combined with high gunwales to allow safe movement around the vessel in all conditions


To ensure that the vessel can be kept running at all times and can safely cross oceans, reliable systems that are easily accessed, that can be easily serviced and for which spare parts are readily available are absolutely crucial. This also means spacious and easy to access engine rooms and technical spaces.


We include this magical attribute as luxury cruising is just as much about enjoying the voyage as reaching the destination, and it makes a crucial difference when spending many days weeks or months at sea with other guests. Special attention must also be paid to noise and vibration to ensure quiet running and comfort for guests.

How much does an Explorer Yacht cost?

“First generation” explorer yachts were often converted commercial, naval or fishing vessels, refitted in superyacht shipyards. Whilst refitting an existing vessel was intended to be cost efficient, such projects often end up costing far more to convert and then run than purpose built vessels.

Nowadays there are several shipyards offering luxury explorer yachts in their production and semi custom ranges. This notably includes shipyards in Turkey, Italy and the Netherlands.

In general the Northern European Shipyards are traditionally the most expensive, with substantially lower prices per Gross Ton in Turkey and with Italy somewhere in between.

There are substantial differences in pricing (and quality ) between them and it is worth taking professional advice from experienced yacht brokers.  One will see a substantial difference in construction quality between a construction project that is well planned and designed at the beginning and that is monitored extensively throughout the entire process from conception to delivery and after.

There is also a developing brokerage market in used explorer yachts, with vessels with the best “pedigree" holding their value extremely well. Factors that affect the value include the condition of the vessel, the reputation of the shipyard, the reputation of the designers and naval architects and the country of origin.